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Yesterday (August 10), JoAnna turned 36 years old! We at JoAnna Garcia Online would like to wish her a warm happy birthday – if you somehow happen to read this JoAnna, we hope you had an amazing birthday with all the people you love. We love you! Jo has already achieved so much in her 36 years, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds her. Stay tuned here at the website, as we have some celebration to do 😉

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We posted a little notice on twitter about the lack of updates, but for those who may not follow us there: the biggest fan site host recently shut down. Thankfully we weren’t hosted there, but we have a lot of friends who were, and we have therefore been extremely busy helping them anyway we can. A lot of the sites are moving over to our server, which is why there has been a lot of downtime lately. Please stay patient – everything will be back running smoothly in a couple of days.

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