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Exciting news everyone! Thanks to EW, we know JoAnna will guest appear in an episode on Fox’s new comedy “Grandfathered“, which will debut Tuesday, Sept 29. Read on for more information, thanks to Entertainment Weekly! We will update you as soon as we learn anything else about the show.

JoAnna Garcia Swisher will guest-star on Fox’s new comedy Grandfathered, EW has learned exclusively.

Grandfathered stars John Stamos as Jimmy, a bachelor whose life is upended when he discovers he’s not only a father, but also a grandfather — and basically has no discernible skills to handle that.

The actress will play Sloan, a cute and bubbly girl who works in the admissions office at a prestigious, selective preschool that Jimmy is trying to get Edie into. Jimmy hooks up with her, causing complications with Edie’s preschool admission prospects.

Garcia, whose credits include Once Upon a Time, The Mindy Project, Reba and Privileged, currently stars on ABC’s The Astronaut Wives Club.

Grandfathered debuts Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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Our videovault is now up and running! Thank you so much to our friend Kimberly for helping with the design and set up. We will continue to add more videos regularly, so bookmark the link and keep checking back! It has it’s own URL: JOANNAGARCIAMEDIA.COM. Have fun browsing through our collection of JoAnna videos!

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We have updated our gallery with screencaps from some of JoAnna’s old guest appearances on TV shows! The three added today are Step by Step, Boston Public and What I like about You. More will follow! These aren’t in the best quality unfortunately, but they are very old so we are lucky to get them at all 🙂 Enjoy!

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We have now added screen captures from the one remaining season 3 episode of “Once Upon a Time” JoAnna appeared in. The gallery has also been updated with some on set photos from the set of the show. Enjoy!

Edit: we forgot about episode 17, The Jolly Roger. It has been added to the gallery now! Click this link to be redirected to the gallery albums.

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We will celebrate JoAnna’s birthday with a couple of content and gallery updates today! First up, Sara has now put up an information page with JoAnna’s biography; the rest of the pages will follow soon. We have also completed the “Website” section of our site, where you can check out our affiliates, apply to affiliate and more. An iconvault has also been created, containing icons from Photoshoots, Appearances and Once upon a time. We will add many more icons the next few days! We hope you enjoy the updates.

Links to new pages:

  • JoAnna: biography, facts and personal information
  • Iconvault: Icons from Appearances, Photoshoots and Once Upon a time
  • Website: Affiliates, apply to affiliate, credits, contact us
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Yesterday (August 10), JoAnna turned 36 years old! We at JoAnna Garcia Online would like to wish her a warm happy birthday – if you somehow happen to read this JoAnna, we hope you had an amazing birthday with all the people you love. We love you! Jo has already achieved so much in her 36 years, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds her. Stay tuned here at the website, as we have some celebration to do 😉

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We posted a little notice on twitter about the lack of updates, but for those who may not follow us there: the biggest fan site host recently shut down. Thankfully we weren’t hosted there, but we have a lot of friends who were, and we have therefore been extremely busy helping them anyway we can. A lot of the sites are moving over to our server, which is why there has been a lot of downtime lately. Please stay patient – everything will be back running smoothly in a couple of days.

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JoAnna appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” on July 27, 2015. You can watch her full appearance below (we are looking for better versions: please contact us if you have one).

MEGHAN KING EDMONDS AND JOANNA GARCIA SWISHER on Watch What Happens Live + After Show S12E123 – ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ is Bravo’s late-night, interactive talk show that features guests from the world of entertainment, politics, and pop culture. Hosted by Andy Cohen, the series includes lively debates on everything from fashion, the latest on everyone’s favorite Bravolebrities, and what celebrity is making headlines that week.

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Hello visitors! We have added screen captures of the first “The Astronaut Wives Club” (which is titled Launch, originally aired June 18 this year) to our gallery. The rest will follow soon!

We apologize for the down time over the last few days, but our host is currently busy transferring a lot of new fan-sites to the same server we are on. This means we’ll have to be a little patient the next days, but everything will be back to normal soon. Enjoy the screen captures!

Gallery   The astronaut wives club
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We have updated the gallery with 161 HQ episode stills and 8 promotional photos of JoAnna in “The Astronaut Wives Club”, including stills from last night’s episode and the next two – “The Dark Side” (August 13) and “Landing” (August 20). Enjoy this big update!

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Updated the gallery with screencaps from JoAnna’s guest appearance in the How I met your mother episode “The Window” (season 5, episode 10 – original air date December 7 2009). JoAnna played Maggie, and she did a really good job; we hope you enjoy the screencaps.

Maggie a girl next door Ted has wanted to date for years has suddenly broken up with her latest boyfriend, giving him and many other guys a chance to score with her.