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Oct 2017
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Our very own JoAnna is featured in the October 23rd issue of People Magazine! We have both magazine scans and her photoshoot for you. In the issue, JoAnna showcases her house – make sure to pick up a copy if you can. Gallery Album Links: Gallery > Photoshoots & Portraits > Photoshoots 2017 > 2017 – Session #006 (People Magazine) Gallery > Magazine Scans > 2017 – People Magazine (October

Sep 2017
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Earlier this week, JoAnna was interviewed by Variety about her upcoming television series ‘Kevin (Probably) Saves The World’, the charity she runs with her husband and how she got involved in acting. You can find her interview below, and we’ve added a beautiful new portrait to our gallery! Hopefully we’ll have more additions from this shoot soon. Variety – JoAnna Garcia Swisher has been acting since she was a teen,

May 2017
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Hello JoAnna fans, and welcome to the brand new JoAnna Garcia Online! Re-launching the site has taken me a lot longer than I initially planned, and I’m sorry for the long downtime. But I hope you’ll enjoy the new site! Firstly, we have a gorgeous new layout by my talented friend Nicole. We also have a brand new photo gallery, which is now twice as big as our previous archive

Feb 2017
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We’ve been spoiled a lot this week, with JoAnna videos, photos and news left and right. But this one is something I’ve been the most excited to share with you all! For the first time in a VERY long time, we have a new portrait shoot of JoAnna. And she looks absolutely gorgeous – I honestly think she looks better than ever these days! Unfortunately we only have them in

Apr 2016
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After finishing our public appearances update yesterday, we continued working on our photoshoots section! We have added a couple of new photos, and replaced some we only had in bad quality with high quality versions. Photoshoots > 2005 – Session #002 – Replaced with HQs Photoshoots > 2005 – Session #003 + 7 new Photoshoots > 2008 – Session #001 + 5 new Photoshoots > 2001 – Session #001 +

Mar 2016
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Towards the end of last year, JoAnna was photographed by the talented Danilo Hess for a feature in Notofu Magazine. We have now added 3 stunning HQ outtakes from the photoshoot to our gallery; JoAnna looks amazing! Previews and gallery links can be found below. Photo Gallery > Photoshoots > 2015 – Session #004 (Danilo Hess)

Oct 2015
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Photoshoots > 2015 – Session #002 JoAnna recently did an interview for her friend Eva Amurri Martino’s blog “Happily Eva After”! The blog post also contained two new unseen photoshoot outtakes, which have been added to our gallery. You can read parts of the interview below, but make sure you head over to Happily Eva After for the full version! Joanna Garcia Swisher is a Mom-on-the-go. You know her from