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Oct 2017
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Our very own JoAnna is featured in the October 23rd issue of People Magazine! We have both magazine scans and her photoshoot for you. In the issue, JoAnna showcases her house – make sure to pick up a copy if you can. Gallery Album Links: Gallery > Photoshoots & Portraits > Photoshoots 2017 > 2017 – Session #006 (People Magazine) Gallery > Magazine Scans > 2017 – People Magazine (October

Feb 2017
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We’ve been spoiled a lot this week, with JoAnna videos, photos and news left and right. But this one is something I’ve been the most excited to share with you all! For the first time in a VERY long time, we have a new portrait shoot of JoAnna. And she looks absolutely gorgeous – I honestly think she looks better than ever these days! Unfortunately we only have them in

Feb 2017
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To promote her upcoming film “Fist Fight”, JoAnna covers the February/March issue of “Miami Living” magazine! The spread features a photoshoot she did back in 2015 by Danilo Hess, and she looks so stunning. We’ve seen most of the photos before, but the cover photo is brand new! The interview was done by Vanessa Pascale, and you can check out the whole magazine issue online here. We have added HQ