Grandfathered   TV Guest Appearances
written by Staff   |   November 7, 2015

As we informed you back in August, JoAnna was cast for an episode of John Stamos‘ new comedy show “Grandfathered“. She appeared in a guest role as Sloan, in episode 5 (Edie’s Two dads). As always, she was amazing! Visit our photo gallery for almost 300 HD screen captures from the episode.

The episode was aired November 3; if you missed it, you can watch it at FOX’s website if you live inside the US – and it’s a must see! Link here. If you live outside the US and want to watch the episode, contact us through email or twitter, and we’ll try to help you out.

When Gerald can’t attend an interview at an elite preschool for Edie, Jimmy goes in his place; Jimmy tells a lie to the admissions counselor (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) that spirals out of control.

Gallery   Screencaps   TV Guest Appearances
written by Staff   |   August 13, 2015

We have updated our gallery with screencaps from some of JoAnna’s old guest appearances on TV shows! The three added today are Step by Step, Boston Public and What I like about You. More will follow! These aren’t in the best quality unfortunately, but they are very old so we are lucky to get them at all 🙂 Enjoy!