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written by Staff on October 26, 2018 | 0 Comments

A couple of months ago, JoAnna launched a new website titled “The Happy Place”! It’s a project she’s been working on for a long time, a website where she will share her passion for interior through inspirational photos and helpful guides, as well as insight into the things in life which makes her happy. The website already have several great posts, and is a must check out for all her fans! You can find the full site over here, and make sure to subscribe if you want alerts whenever JoAnna updates the site. She also has a new instagram for the project, which you can check out over at the handle @thehappyplacepresents! I have updated our gallery with some of the beautiful new JoAnna photos found at the site, but you should make sure to pay the website a visit and browse it in full as well. In addition to all the great inspo-pics, there’s a lot of really stunning snaps of JoAnna!

At it’s core, The Happy Place will ignite and inspire the inner designer in every one of us. We all have a deep personal connection to the place we call “home” and we share a common desire to curate our best life. It doesn’t mean you have to be knowledgable, savvy or even interested in design. The Happy Place is a destination that explores, motivates and empowers the experience of living a life with intention and how that reflects in your interiors. I not only look forward to sharing what The Happy Place means to me, but I’m even more excited to help cultivate what The Happy Place means to you! Xx, Jo

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