Gallery   Screencaps   The Gospel of Kevin
written by Staff   |   April 17, 2018

Hello JoAnna fans! After a couple of months of downtime (I needed to work some things out, I apologize for that), JoAnna Garcia Online is finally back. While the site was down, JoAnna’s new show “Kevin (Probably) Saves The World” aired on ABC! I really enjoyed this show, it’s so full of hearth, funny lines, warm characters and interesting storylines. Sadly it hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet, but we will keep you updated on any development. While we wait for news, our gallery has now been updated with HD screen captures from all the 16 episodes in season 1! Enjoy.

A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride   Gallery   Screencaps
written by Staff   |   October 13, 2015

We’ve added to the gallery screen captures from one of our favorite JoAnna films; “A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride“! We’ll add film stills, some clips to our video archive and some icons later. We hope you like the captures!

A wedding planner looks to persuade her mother not to marry a man she’s only known for a brief period of time, until an unexpected development forces her to re-examine her feelings.

Gallery   Screencaps   The astronaut wives club
written by Staff   |   August 28, 2015

Hello JoAnna fans! Our gallery has been updated with more screen captures of JoAnna as Betty Grissom in “The Astronaut Wives Club“. Episode 1 to 3 were already up, and we’ve today added 4 (“Liftoff”), 5 (“Flashpoint“) and 6 (“In The Blind“) as well! The rest of the episodes will be added as soon as possible. Enjoy!

1×04: Deke and Marge embrace new roles; things start to thaw between Gordo and Trudy.

1×05: Trudy learns that efforts are being made to quash a burgeoning astronaut training program for women.

1×06: Astronaut John Glenn runs for Ohio senate; A personal matter threatens Alan Shepherd’s career.

Gallery   Screencaps   TV Guest Appearances
written by Staff   |   August 13, 2015

We have updated our gallery with screencaps from some of JoAnna’s old guest appearances on TV shows! The three added today are Step by Step, Boston Public and What I like about You. More will follow! These aren’t in the best quality unfortunately, but they are very old so we are lucky to get them at all 🙂 Enjoy!

Gallery   Once Upon a Time   Screencaps
written by Staff   |   August 11, 2015

We have now added screen captures from the one remaining season 3 episode of “Once Upon a Time” JoAnna appeared in. The gallery has also been updated with some on set photos from the set of the show. Enjoy!

Edit: we forgot about episode 17, The Jolly Roger. It has been added to the gallery now! Click this link to be redirected to the gallery albums.

Gallery   Screencaps   The astronaut wives club
written by Staff   |   August 10, 2015

Hello visitors! We have added screen captures of the first “The Astronaut Wives Club” (which is titled Launch, originally aired June 18 this year) to our gallery. The rest will follow soon!

We apologize for the down time over the last few days, but our host is currently busy transferring a lot of new fan-sites to the same server we are on. This means we’ll have to be a little patient the next days, but everything will be back to normal soon. Enjoy the screen captures!

Gallery   How I met your mother   Projects   Screencaps
written by Staff   |   August 4, 2015

Updated the gallery with screencaps from JoAnna’s guest appearance in the How I met your mother episode “The Window” (season 5, episode 10 – original air date December 7 2009). JoAnna played Maggie, and she did a really good job; we hope you enjoy the screencaps.

Maggie a girl next door Ted has wanted to date for years has suddenly broken up with her latest boyfriend, giving him and many other guys a chance to score with her.